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Community Benefits of Personal Rapid Transit

Personal Rapid Transit Benefits

Better public Transportation

Personal rapid transit (PRT) systems offer short walking distances and waiting times with nonstop, seated travel, all at relatively low capital and operating costs. Elevated guideways help reduce surface traffic

New Jobs

Implementation of PRT systems requires the construction of new infrastructure which generates new temporary jobs. Operation of a PRT system requires operations and maintenance personnel thus generating new permanent jobs. Note that implementation of a PRT solution will typically increase overall transit usage and boost transit-related jobs.

Economic Development and Wellbeing

Numerous small stations scattered throughout the community will provide opportunities for new small businesses. The entire community will benefit from an improved ability to access jobs, schools, shops and hospitals. Families that can reduce the number of automobiles they own will save thousands of dollars a year.

Reduced Crime

All stations and vehicle interiors will be CCTV monitored. Aggressive monitoring and law enforcement in the first year of operation can establish the entire PRT route as a no-crime zone.

More Personal Rapid Transit Benefits:

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