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Personal Rapid Transit Station in Heathrow international Airport

PRT Economics

Personal Rapid Transit is an Economical Solution

Now that three PRT suppliers have systems in public service and a fourth has a demonstration system in operation, actual construction and operating costs are becoming available. PRT Consulting has conducted numerous paid studies for a variety of clients that have generally shown that PRT capital costs are similar or higher than buses and are lower than light rail and automated people movers.

PRT operating costs per passenger mile are typically less than all the above modes. Nonetheless, it must be noted that costs are influenced by local conditions and situations will arise where results are significantly different than those found to date.

In general, elevated PRT systems will compare favorably with other fixed guideway systems that are at grade. When comparing PRT systems with other systems in the same configuration (elevated, at-grade or below-grade), PRT will typically have a significant cost advantage because of the much smaller footprint, dynamic envelope and weight of the vehicles.

Masdar Personal Rapid Transit Station

Capital Costs
Source: Ultra Global

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