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Personal Rapid Transit - Yes or No?

Personal rapid transit is much more than just a different type of vehicle - it is a whole new type of transportation system. As such, it has tremendous potential to solve many of our current transportation problems but, at the same time, it is quite complex and prone to being misunderstood.

On the one hand, we have a few personal rapid transit proponents claiming that personal rapid transit is the solution to everything while, on the other, some naysayers preach that personal rapid transit is just a Trojan Horse to prevent light rail projects from being built. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, and this section attempts to provide well-reasoned information about personal rapid transit.

Personal Rapid Transit Check In Station

Providing Credible Personal Rapid Transit Information

Personal Rapid Transit Passengers

We have deliberately screened out information about personal rapid transit proposed systems and concepts that we find questionable. Links to personal rapid transit vendors have been limited to those meeting our stated criteria.

Nonetheless, links or information appearing on this website do not in any way imply our endorsement for the system(s) represented. A system that we endorse for one application may be entirely unsuitable for another. The intent of this section is to provide easy access to information about personal rapid transit concepts and systems that we believe are viable.

Personal Rapid Transit Control Room in Heathrow