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Personal Rapid Transit Saves Time - No Stops

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Personal Rapid Transit Saves Time - No Stops

The Personal Rapid Transit concept is to divide public transit up into the smallest possible pieces. Instead of a few large vehicles carrying many people every 5 minutes or so, we have many small vehicles carrying a few people every 5 seconds or so. This translates into little or no waiting. With Personal Rapid Transit the vehicles typically wait for the passengers.

Personal Rapid Transit Station spacing is typically one-half mile. If the guideways are also a half mile apart, a swath of land about one mile wide will be within a one-quarter mile distance of a station. The network layout of a PRT system thus serves an area about twice as wide as that served by conventional, corridor-based, transit.

Since each PRT station has its own off- and on-ramp to the guideway (like a mini freeway interchange), vehicles or pods stopped in the station are off-line from the main guideway and do not disrupt the passing traffic on the main guideway. This allows non-stop origin to destination travel.

More Personal Rapid Transit Benefits:

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