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Personal Rapid Transit is ready - are you?

ATN deployments are in public service in Morgantown, USA; Rivium, The Netherlands; Masdar City, UAE; Heathrow Airport, UK; Suncheon, Korea and (a demonstration system) Mexico City, Mexico. Modern deployments have been accomplished without major schedule or budget issues but some planned deployments have failed due to poorly managed public participation, misunderstood core concepts, ballooning vehicle size & weight and unrealistic expectations. While ATN is easy for the public to use, planning, designing and deploying it is a relatively complex undertaking.

Success depends on a well-considered process designed to pre-empt common pitfalls. Here are seven key things prospective owners should know before they implement personal rapid transit:

  1. Public concerns/participation (How to build community support and social acceptability from the beginning)
  2. Costs vs. benefits (Capital costs, operating costs, quantifiable benefits and intangible benefits)
  3. Personal Rapid Transit Capacity (Station capacity, guideway capacity and network capacity)
  4. Weather impacts/mitigation on PRT (Sun, wind, snow, ice and rain - mitigation and procedures)
  5. Scalability (Assurance that the initial system will scale up to the ultimate system - simulation modeling/verification)
  6. Funding/financing (Sources of outside funds and methods of financing)
  7. Vendor capabilities (Managerial, financial, technical, production, installation, operating and maintenance )
Ultra Personal Rapid Transit in Heathrow