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Personal Rapid Transit Simulation and Verification Services

PRT Simulation and Verification

Personal Rapid Transit Simulation and Verification Services

PRT Consulting is a professional engineering consultancy staffed by engineers and planners. We provide our employees with top-of-the-line tools to help them get the job done right the first time. In addition to the latest commercial software, we have also developed our own Personal Rapid Transit simulation program (NETSIMMOD). This program has been specifically developed to allow modeling of a wide variety of PRT systems with differing operating characteristics and allows us to model various PRT situations. The model is strong analytically, is independent of proprietary operating models and provides extensive useful data. We have developed proprietary methodology that allows us to integrate simulations with pilot project operations and to, thereby, verify scalability of vendor control systems.

In addition to our own simulation software, we have use of Prtsim which was developed by Professor Ingmar Andreasson and has been used on well over 30 different PRT projects. We thus can select the simulation model that best suits the problem at hand and/or run both models to compare results. We sometimes also use the CityMobil simulator which is good for simplistic situations or initial evaluations.”

Our personal rapid transit simulation services include:

  • Personal Rapid Transit station simulation
  • Personal Rapid Transit systems simulation
  • Scalability verification
  • Personal Rapid Transit comparison analysis
  • Operational characteristic development
  • Situational analysis
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Trip demand matrix analysis
Personal Rapid Transit Simulation Program

Personal Rapid Transit simulation program (NETSIMMOD)