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Vectus Personal Rapid Transit

Personal Rapid Transit Benefits

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) systems usually operate on guideways, which can be on the ground, elevated or underground in tunnels.
There are three basic types of PRT systems:

1. Open guideway. These usually have rubber tires and are battery operated. They steer themselves on a flat surface that may or may not have side walls. Some follow embedded magnets, while others sense their position relative to side walls using lasers. Examples include Ultra and 2getthere.
2. Captive bogey. In these systems, the wheels (bogey) are held captive inside the guideway. Horizontal wheels run along side elements, and the guideway essentially steers the vehicle. These systems are commonly powered by linear induction motors that are also used for braking. Examples include Vectus and Skyweb Express.
3. Suspended. As its name implies, this type of system utilizes vehicles hanging from a guideway. While this allows the vehicles to be very light, it also complicates switching. Examples include J-Pods, SkyTran and MISTER.

This variety of system characteristics enables some PRT systems to be more suited to a particular application than others. It can also complicate the process of choosing the best system for a specific use.

More Personal Rapid Transit Benefits:

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