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Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) - allowing cities to move and breathe
Zhejiang International Intelligent Transportation Industry Expo 2018, Future Transport Conference, Keynote Speech By: Peter J. Muller, P.E., M. ASCE, President, Advanced Transit Association and PRT Consulting, Inc.

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A comparison of PRT and shuttle buses at large and small airports. ACC/AAAE Symposium, Denver, Colorado, USA, February 18, 2015
An introduction to Automated Transit Networks comprised of personal and/or group rapid transit
Ridesharing methodology for increasing PRT capacity.
A Presentation of what people really want from transportation.
This presentation provides an outline of the PRT concept, a description of available systems and their characteristics, as well as a comparison with other transportation systems.
How to Plan for PRT in Airports
Key Concepts and Practical Parameters
Airports of the Future
Taking the Terminal to the Traveler
A new way to increase airport passenger service levels while reducing costs and increasing revenues.
Illustrations of various options for incorporating PRT guideways into the streetscape
Master Plan Personal Rapid Transit Analysis for Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
Personal Rapid Transit Applicability AAAE NextGen from August 2008
Personal Rapid Transit Applicability to Sustainability

A PRT/Airport Automated People Mover Comparison
Peter Muller, President of PRT Consulting, presentation to Fort Carson, Colorado Springs.