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Personal Rapid Transit and Transportation Experience

From Concept to Implementation

In addition to personal rapid transit, our worldwide experience includes a broad range of transportation projects such as runways, taxiways, terminals, aircraft parking aprons, roads, freeways, parking lots and railroads. Our client list includes airports, universities, cities, counties, state departments of transportation, consultants, developers and PRT vendors.

As Chairman of the Airport Consultants Council, Peter Muller, President of PRT Consulting, spearheaded an initiative to reinvent airports. Personal rapid transit was found to be a key technology that could enable airports of the future to function more safely, efficiently and securely. PRT Consulting has been able to supplement this initial work with research projects and feasibility studies investigating personal rapid transit safety, security and airport applications. Technical papers resulting from some of these projects as well as non project-related technical papers we have produced may be found in the Documentation section.

Expanding Our Knowledge Base

Peter Muller at SkyTran Personal Rapi Transit

Left to right: Joerg Schweizer, Universita di Bologna; Peter Muller, PRT Consulting; Robbert Lohmann, 2getthere; David Holdcroft, BAA; Malcolm Buchanan, Colin Buchanan; J├Ârgen Gustafsson, Vectus; Martin Lowson, Ultra; picture by Austin Smith, ARUP.

We are and will remain an active member of several councils and organizations whose purpose it is to monitor, develop and enhance the future of transportation.

  • ATRA board member since 2008. Currently President of ATRA 2015
  • TRB AP 040 Committee member 2008 to present
  • Airport Consultants Council board member 1994 - 1995 and 1997 - 2002, chairman 2000 - 2001
  • ASCE APM Standards Committee member

We maintain a searchable up-to-date database of PRT reports, articles and papers.