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Personal Rapid Transit Key Technical Staff

Key Technical Staff

Personal Rapid Transit and Transportation Expertise

In order to ensure that we bring both the necessary expertise and the manpower to undertake significant PRT projects, our key staff provides specific expertise and capabilities that enable us to provide the complete compliment of project implementation services to our clients.

Peter Muller, President, PRT Consulting

Peter Muller, PE - President

Mr. Muller has more than 35 years of experience in project design and planning. Project responsibilities have ranged from client liaison, to program development and funding, through detailed design and construction documentation. Over the last 35 years, he has been responsible for more than 250 different projects, including road, rail, airport and PRT projects for over 80 different clients. These have included transportation studies, feasibility studies, master plans, route and site selection studies, conceptual plans, detailed plans, specifications and contract documents, procurement documents, project and program management and construction inspection.

Within the engineering design community, Mr. Muller has gained a national reputation as an innovative thinker, particularly with regard to the application of emerging technologies to operation of airport terminals, passenger processing, and security. In 2000, he was invited by DOT to participate in developing their Transportation Vision 2050. In 2001, he assisted NASA in development of their Blueprint for Aeronautics. He has experience managing research projects for airport security, PRT safety and security, and PRT operations.

Key Projects

  • Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport. Preliminary PRT Feasibility Study. Phase I ATN procurement project
  • Confidential Client. PRT feasibility for five-mile corporate campus to commuter rail station connection
  • Park City. Facilitation and supplementation of student-based study of 15-mile PRT system serving resort facilities
  • Confidential Client. PRT feasibility for a very large corporate campus. Analysis of PRT capability to serve crush loads emerging from train station
  • Confidential Client. Comparison of ATN capabilities and costs to proposed APM capabilities and cost at a large airport
  • BWI Airport (through URS Corporation). PRT study portion of Airport Master Plan
  • KDOT (through KSU). Study of PRT safety and security on a university campus. PRT shopping center feasibility study
  • US Army (through NCS). PRT army base feasibility study
Raymond MacDonald, PE, Consultant, PRT Consulting

Raymond MacDonald, PE - Consultant

Raymond MacDonald, Consultant, first worked on PRT systems over 30 years ago. Since then, he has worked for two different PRT vendors and has been responsible for all aspects of PRT design and planning. He has written a 500-page book, titled “21st Century PRT.” Mr. MacDonald's experience spans working for large architectural/engineering firms, PRT vendors and specialist PRT consulting firms. He has been responsible for all aspects of PRT design and planning, from ridership modeling, socio-economic evaluations and feasibility studies; through station, depot and guideway studies; planning and detailed design to vehicle and propulsion system design and analysis.

Mr. MacDonald brings a wealth of related transportation experience to his PRT work. This includes::

  • Advanced Technology Transit Systems
  • High Speed Railways
  • Metro
  • Light Rail / Railways
  • Automated Guideway Transit Systems
  • Planning and Design of Stations, Depots and Track

Key Projects

  • Taxi 2000 Corporation. Structural design of guideways, stations, foundations. Structural and mechanical design for vehicles, etc.
  • Bangkok METRO Subway. Design supervision of structures and electro-mechanical systems.
  • Woo-Bo Engineering, Ltd. Structural design of guideways and stations, and technical development design for SKYCAR PRT system.
  • Illinois RTA. PRT technical support.
  • Pitkin County, Colorado, Fixed Guideway System Transportation study.
Ingmar Andréasson, Senior Consultant, PRT Consulting

Ingmar Andréasson - Senior Consultant

Prof. Ingmar Andreasson holds a PhD degree in simulation modeling and has 30 years of experience in PRT systems design, control and modeling. Guest professor and director of the Center for Traffic Research at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and a consultant in LogistikCentrum, Dr. Andreasson has also published 40 scientific papers and reports on PRT. He directed university cross-discipline PRT research and has given PhD courses in PRT modeling. He has also developed transit planning methods, taxi fleet management systems and road traffic simulation models. The inventor of five international patents relating to PRT control.

Dr. Andreasson developed the generic PRT modeling suite “PRTsim” which has been applied in over 40 locations with up to 450 stations and 17,000 vehicles in Europe, America and Asia. Unique features in PRTsim include flow sensitive routing, merge priorities, platooning of empty vehicles, multiple speed levels, vehicle coupling and decoupling, multi-destination and multi-origin ride-sharing, empty vehicle reallocation en route, accessibility analysis, multi-mode assignment and arc-elastic travel demand.

Key Projects

  • PRT feasibility for a very large corporate campus.
  • Feasibility analysis of a dual-mode electric car system.
  • Simulation analysis of autonomous shared taxis for all commuter trips in Stockholm.
  • Developer of the VIPS software suite for transit route network analysis (bus, tram, LRT, subway,train and ferry).
  • Developer and owner of the PRTsim simulation software for generic PRT systems, with numerous control strategy options.
  • Evaluationof PRT systems by simulation model for the Swedish TRB and Swedish cities.
  • Chalmers University. Director of a 4-year thematic research program for Advanced Transit Systems.
  • Vectus Ltd. Advisor and coordinator in PRT system design.
  • Design and evaluation of PRT in comparison with Bus, BRT, APM and Monorail.
  • A PRT systems design for the city of Goteborg.
Rod Brown, Consultant, PRT Consulting

Rod Brown

Rod Brown has been responsible for the development of numerous hotels and the construction of three 12-story buildings. His capabilities include concept and planning consulting, pre-development consulting, development services, construction management, and asset management. He is a licensed real estate broker.

Mr. Brown has in-depth experience in every phase of ATN development: from feasibility to routes alternatives evaluation, land acquisition brokerage, project programming, financing, approvals, entitlements, construction documents, permits, construction, start of operations, financing roll-over from construction to permanent financing, and operations controls.

Rod has the passion to tackle the complex problems: and analyze all situations. He thinks like an attorney, with the experience of a lender, developer, builder, broker, manager & team builder.

Key Projects

Hospitality, retail, single/multi-family, office, industrial, medical, retirement and transit including:

  • Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport. Preliminary PRT Feasibility Study
  • Transit Project Development: ATN, PRT, Cable, Rail
  • Commercial Brokerage: Land, Hotels, Resorts, Office buildings, Medical, Single/Multi-family
  • Commercial Lending: Financial Analyst, Loan Administration Department Manager
  • Real Estate Developer: Commercial new-build projects
  • Property Management: Office, Retail & Hospitality.
  • Construction: Commercial Projects Marketing & Project Manager
  • Home Builder: Residential Construction & Sales
  • Project Engineer: Oil/refined products transportation
  • Engineer: Civil, land development & utilities
Christopher Juniper, Economist and Consultant, PRT Consulting

Christopher Juniper - Economist and Consultant

Christopher Juniper is a sustainability-focused economist and consultant who is an International Society of Sustainability Professionals - Certified Sustainability Professional whose skills include:

  • Management of economic development, small business and non-profit organizations.
  • Sustainability performance-focused consulting, training/education and tool development.

He has helped US and international clients, ranging from communities and governments to multinational businesses, on behalf of numerous organizations including his own consultancy SustainALogic as well as Rocky Mountain Institute and Natural Capitalism Solutions.

His focus is sustainable transportation, lifecycle management, sustainable economic development and energy. His latest tool is the Sustainable Economy Management System for economic development agencies of local/state/federal governments.

Key Projects

  • USAG Ft. Carson: Sustainable Transportation Plan including PRT analysis and design, and ISO14001-based sustainability program management.
  • City of Tucson AZ: Climate Action Plan component economic analysis
  • LASER: Co-developer of Local Action for Sustainable Economic Renewal economic development planning process
  • Clif Bar & Co.: Life cycle sustainability performance analysis
  • International Society of Sustainability Professionals: Team Leader, Certification Study Guides
  • City of Portland OR: Economic development management, including tax incentives, business districts and long-range planning, business incubators, industry cluster development and sustainable development strategies.