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Personal rapid transit interest is growing rapidly, and a wide variety of entities are now looking at purchasing, supporting and/or facilitating Personal Rapid Transit applications of vastly differing sizes and complexities. PRT Consulting will bring videos about personal rapid transit projects as they become available, so come back often to see the latest videos.

London's Heathrow Introduces Laser-guided Airport Shuttle - covered by ndtv

Masdar City is a zero carbon city being built near Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates using PRT to avoid cars.

This is the London Heathrow PRT system by Ultra Global. These pods have a burst of color now.

This group rapid transit system (GRT) has been in service in The Netherlands since 1999.

One-minute video showing 2getthere PRT vehicle in operation at Masdar City.

ULTra PRT undertook a London Heathrow PRT system capacity trial with 164 vehicle journeys in one hour.

3 minutes clip showing Masdar City PRT system from 2getthere in operation.

Ongoing testing of multiple ULTra Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) vehicles in the T5 Business Car Park at London Heathrow Airport

The ULTra Personal Rapid Transit system, a revolutionary new transportation technology currently being tested at Heathrow Airport.

Animation depicting the PRT system at Heathrow Airport, currently being tested and set to open to the public in 2009.

Tour of the Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), October 17, 2011

Peter Muller's documentation of Heathrow PRT System including a ride to Terminal 5

One-minute video clip of the system 2getthere operated at the Floriade flower show in Holland.

London's Heathrow Introduces Laser-guided Airport Shuttle. Dec 2, 2011