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PRT Podcast Videos

President of PRT Consulting, Peter Muller, talks about different aspects of personal rapid transit in a series of podcasts. These educational podcasts will be added as they become available, so check back often to keep you informed.

Podcar City 2021 - Thursday Morning Keynotes

Podcar City 2021 - Retrofitting Suburbia

Podcar City 2021 - A Vision for the Future

Podcar City 2021 - New & Emerging Projects

Podcar City 2021 - Thursday Sessions

Global Benefit Podcast - Episode 3

Poll Results from Podcar City 2019

Peter Muller Describes ATN Systems in Operation

Peter Muller discusses his vision for Personal Rapid Transit.

Peter Muller describes the fundamentals of personal rapid transit (PRT).

The Advanced Transit Association promotes automated public mobility services that are on-demand, quick, reliable, affordable and sustainable.

Peter Muller introduces four leading PRT systems. The discussion includes their specific attributes and some video clips.

Peter Muller discusses the problems plaguing today's transportation systems. Various solutions, including personal rapid transit (PRT), are compared.

Peter Muller discusses the sustainability of personal rapid transit (PRT)

Peter Muller discusses three different roles personal rapid transit (PRT) can fill - campus, collector/distributor and city-wide transit.

Peter Muller discusses some basic advantages and disadvantages of personal rapid transit (PRT)

Peter Muller discusses the Fort Carson personal rapid transit (PRT) project