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Personal Rapid Transit Risk Analysis

PRT Risk Analysis

Personal Rapid Transit Risk Analysis and Mitigation

Both technical and business risks should be analyzed in detail. While personal rapid transit is a relatively new technology, most aspects involve off-the-shelf technology, and the primary technical risks relate to how this personal rapid transit technology is integrated and how it functions under public use. An exception to this is the PRT control system.

The computer software required for personal rapid transit control systems is, by itself, well within the state of the art. However, it must be integrated with systems that communicate with stationary and moving objects, over significant distances, in variable weather conditions. These communications often need to occur at the rate of ten to one hundred times a second for each vehicle.

Developing a robust and scalable personal rapid transit control system is, thus, no small accomplishment.

Once all of the risks have been identified and analyzed, mitigation methods can be determined. It is vital that potential owners of the personal rapid transit system understand the risks and the extent to which they can be mitigated, before they proceed with a project. This is true of any project, but with personal rapid transit, some risks may not be well understood.

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