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Morgantown PRT System

The Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit (WVU PRT) system is a personal rapid transit/people mover system in Morgantown, West Virginia, United States. The system connects the three Morgantown campuses of West Virginia University (WVU), as well as the downtown area.

Developed as the Alden staRRcar, the Morgantown system was built, starting in 1970, by a consortium led by Boeing Vertol as a government-funded experiment in personal rapid transit (PRT) systems. It had a fitful start, and entered operation in 1975, three years behind schedule and at a cost 3-4 times more than had originally been estimated. Yet notwithstanding the issues at inauguration, except for a short closure to accommodate a major expansion, the PRT operated continuously with 98.5% reliability (measured from 1975 to 2005).