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Efficient Transit Solutions

PRT Concept Videos

The International Institute of Sustainable Transportation (INIST) presents this superb animation of Uppsala's Solar Skyways design by Nerds 'n Squares.

Personal Rapid Transit systems are similarly attractive as monorail systems in terms of public transportation services.

This clip highlights most aspects of Personal Rapid Transit.

Stockholm is one of several Swedish cities planning to introduce driverless pod cars.

Is this the future of PRT?

Movie shows how PRT can supplement high speed rail

Study of PRT systems in office campus using MicroSoft campus as model.

Three minute video of CityCoaster production and concepts.

A Personal Rapid Transit system developed in Germany in the 1970's

A possible future transportation system that eliminates incidents and pollution and makes travel easy.

Three minute simulation of a PRT station serving a light rail station.

Historical significance: the Aerospace Corporation built and operated a scale model PRT system in the 1970s.