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April 2019

From the president

Greetings! I would like to apologize to ATRA members for the slow pace this year. We are behind in board elections and this is delaying some important decision-making. Nonetheless we are participating strongly in an ASCE conference (see below) and helping to get Podcar City moving - it is shaping up to be a great conference to be held in the Bay Area of San Francisco this year. I am off on yet another overseas PRT-related business trip and trust we can wrap up the board elections and have a board meeting very soon after my return at the end of the month.

Following is a list of seven papers being presented by ATRA members at the ASCE’s International Conference on Transportation Development 2019 in Alexandria, VA:

June 10, 1:30 PM
Mobility Trends, Automation and the Future of Transit, Matthew Lesh
Some 21st Century Transportation Solutions, Peter Muller

June 10, 3:30 PM
New Energy for Resiliency in Rail and Public Transportation, Shannon McDonald

June 11, 1:30 PM
Estimating Impacts of Automated Shuttles, Gary Hsueh

June 11, 3:30 PM
Is There a Case for High Speed/High Capacity PRT? Eugene Nishinaga

June 12, 9:15 AM
A New Paradigm – Mobility Energy Productivity, Stan Young

June 12, 11:00 AM
ASCE Automated People Mover Standards: Changes Adopted in 2018, Peter Muller

As always, enjoy reading!

Best regards,
Peter Muller, ATRA President

Peter Muller at SkyTran Personal Rapi Transit