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June 2019

From the president

Greetings! ATRA decided to consolidate Industry Group, Corporate and Academic Council memberships under the heading of Organizational Memberships at its June Board meeting.

Organizational Memberships will have annual dues of $500. Each organization will get to display its logo and corporate description on the ATRA website and will be able to name up to five employees as ATRA members who will qualify for discounts at ATRA events. There will be three Organizational Member subcategories:

1. Industry Group

  • Same qualification requirements as existing
  • Most prominent display on the ATRA website

2. Corporate (this includes government agencies)

  • No changes from existing

3. Academic Council

  • All presently enrolled students of the institution would qualify for free student membership
  • There will no longer be a first-year discount rate.

ATRA also decided to invest and participate in this year’s Podcar City Conference, November 5 – 6 San Jose, California. By being an ATRA member, you will be able to save $180 on the cost of registration!

As always, enjoy reading!

Best regards,
Peter Muller, ATRA President

Peter Muller at SkyTran Personal Rapi Transit