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June 2018

From the president

Greetings! ATN has been around for almost half a century now. There used to be lots of hype about what it could do and lots of avid(or) naysayers too. Now there is more hype about driverless cars and Hyperloop.

Driverless cars will supposedly reduce congestion, in part because computers have better reaction times than humans. Maybe they will some day, but my Subaru's adaptive cruise control has slower reaction times than I do. It does not react to the preceding car's brake lights or slowing until the distance is noticeably diminishing. Then it brakes harder than I would in the circumstances.

Musk claims Hyperloop can be built down freeway rights-of-way and do hundreds of miles per hour. Sorry Elon, freeway horizontal and vertical geometry is designed for much lower speeds and simply will not work at your proposed speeds.

In both the above instances passenger comfort seems to be being sacrificed. Even if you can find an inappropriate standard to comply with (such as for amusement facilities) it just seems dumb to not strive to provide the smoothest ride possible.

As always, enjoy reading!

Best regards,
Peter Muller, ATRA President

Peter Muller at SkyTran Personal Rapi Transit