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March 2018

From the president

Greetings! work has started on the Greenville Automated Transit Network (ATN) Feasibility Study encompassing Greenville, Mauldin and Clemson in South Carolina. The study will investigate the potential of GreenPods (the local name for personal rapid transit or ATN) to increase mobility and alleviate congestion. Two public workshops were held in which participants learned about multi-modal technology options.

Workshop attendees developed and voted on the attributes they would like to see in various transportation modes other than bicycles and walking. Top attributes included safety, convenience, reliability, frequency, cost, and rapid travel. They also evaluated different mode technologies against each attribute. Each technology’s rating for each attribute was then multiplied by the votes for that attribute and the results summed for all attributes for each mode technology. In this way, a measure of the public acceptance was obtained for the technologies considered. The chart presents cumulative public acceptance scores by mode.

While some may be surprised that the car was not ranked highest, this is because participants accounted for factors such as safety, sustainability and congestion. Autonomous shuttles and streetcars suffered because participants wanted wider area solutions and faster travel.

As always, enjoy reading!

Participants went on-line to answer binary questions about their travel preference choices to help determine what the ridership of a GreenPod or gondola system may be. A similar survey will be posted on various websites in order to obtain wider input. The study is scheduled to be completed in four months.

The bi-annual ASCE APM Conference is in Tampa later this month. Many ATRA members will be participating. I hope to see you there!

Best regards,
Peter Muller, ATRA President

Peter Muller at SkyTran Personal Rapi Transit Peter Muller at SkyTran Personal Rapi Transit