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Personal Rapid Transit Station in Arup

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Personal Rapid Transit Benefits

Personal Rapid Transit guideways will typically be laid out in a network or grid. In this way there will usually be more than one route connecting an origin and a destination. This allows PRT to maintain most service even when a guideway is out of service.

Just as the guideways can be at, above or below grade, so too can the stations. Stations are usually off-line allowing T-Pods on the main Personal Rapid Transit guideway to continue past the station without stopping.

Most systems can follow curves of fairly tight radius. Rubber-tired T-Pods riding on top of guideways can typically turn as tightly as an automobile. Numerous automatic vehicles operating on guideways have demonstrated gradients as steep as 10%. This includes those using rubber tires on concrete in snowy conditions.

More Personal Rapid Transit Benefits:

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