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Worldwide interest in modern personal rapid transit (PRT) systems is growing rapidly. Should you also be considering PRT? What could it do for you? Could personal rapid transit meet your surface transportation needs while also solving other intransigent problems? How can you choose and implement the best system for your needs while also minimizing risk?

PRT Consulting is the only U.S. firm of professional engineers and planners specializing in providing consulting services relevant to personal rapid transit. We are vendor-independent.

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Personal Rapid Transit - Fact or Fiction?

Personal rapid transit is much more than just a different type of vehicle - it is a whole new type of transportation system. As such, it has tremendous potential to solve many of our current transportation problems but, at the same time, it is quite complex and prone to being misunderstood. There are five PRT systems presently in public service. Four different commercial suppliers have five distinct products available. Additional deployments are under construction and new suppliers are developing new products.

Modern PRT deployments are focusing more on shared rides than on the "personal" aspects of PRT. This has been recognized in the new name Automated Transit Networks (ATN), an umbrella term for PRT and Group Rapid Transit (GRT). The terms PRT and ATN are used interchangeably in this website which attempts to provide well-reasoned information on the technology.

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